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Marie Girondé
Artiste peintre sculpteur

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A travel through the Symbolism, by way of the Cubism and finishing by the Abstract

Art is increasingly more abstract than us. The form and the color speak to us about form and color, and all stop there.
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 cubism symbolic  
The symbols belong to her inspiration, the mystery and “the enigma” also, with a “temptation” “of escape” towards “freedom”.
All in “symbiosis” and in “waiting” of the “flash back” on which “the sentinel” watches over, to live then“sensuality” more utter which will lead her towards “the nativity”.

We hope for this succession of titles, which are those of Marie-Claude Gironde’s artworks and which build our sentence, will attract in you enough curiosity to push you to visit the exhibition where appear her oil on canvas and sculptures.

You will discover a smooth painting, well licked, well balanced, which emphasizes the woman’s appeal.
With delicacy, without easy effect or sexual servility, the artist uses the curves of a breast to fit it to a shape.
Elsewhere this is a silhouette of pregnant woman which gives her creative inspiration.

Just like this judicious cocktail of glances and limbs which are the figures she has chosen to represent “the sensuality” or her “flash back”.

The interpretation of the nativity painted by Marie-Claude Gironde
is the most original, but what is more important, it is charming, as this nude is harmonious, modest and beautiful of the “freedom” which accompanies cleverly the representation of the hippocampus.....

Christian GERMAK (Arts Gazette International) Art critique

 Surrealism symbolic 
With humour and affection the artist reveals us the woman in all her states.
In reality, Marie explores all ways with curiosity; it seems to be in her nature...
The matter, oil or tempera, posed in variable quantity, will be chosen in vivid ans delicate notes and adjusted with a scrupulous care.
Well done for selected tonalities in a large and bright palette.
Mainly figurative, the artist offers sometimes abstract pages; surrealist works are next to dream-like and symbolic realisations.
The cubism will rather illustrate women with curves, sensuality and colours of course...
With richness in her nuances, reasons to marvel do not miss.

Slowly but surely the artist meets all conditions for her to enter in the circle of best artist of hexagon whereas she's already well known in mexico...

Jules Saint - Aubin
Art Critique Contemporary C.E